Nureed Saeed's Campaign Launches

Nureed Saeed announces her candidacy for South Orange Trustee.


farmers market orangesAre you concerned about development in South Orange not keeping pace with what's needed?

Do you wish the School Board and the Village Trustees were more transparent and accountable?

Do you want a government that publishes SMART goals, and departmental progress towards those goals?

Are you looking for a candidate who doesn't represent the status quo but can work with everyone to bring South Orange to its full potential?

Nureed Saeed is your candidate. She is business leader, skilled in branding, licensing, franchise and retail markets. Nureed is local business woman with a thriving real estate and interior design business.

Nureed has a vision for downtown development that includes encouraging creative use of current retail space, and development that includes larger retail space and not only luxury apartments.

Nureed understands that when setting goals, they need to SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Nureed would add that any government goal includes a final T, for transparent. If each department was to set a few SMART goals, and then publish their progress towards them each quarter, the community and leaders would be better able to identify challenges and initiate assistance or cost savings earlier on.

Finally Nureed brings not only diversity of experience to the Board, but also diversity in thought. Running independent of the existing Trustees, Nureed is prepared to heed the call to service to the community by providing a distinct voice to move towards a positive South Orange for all residents.

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