Downtown Development

  • Develop downtown for the benefit of residents and merchants - not solely for developers
  • Require that parking variances only be granted with creative solutions (carve outs for Uber/Lyft drop offs, for example)
  • Bring 15 years of experience in retail store development, licensing, brand development, and merchandising
  • Ensure that all development takes into account residential, retail, and community interests
  • Encourage a participatory process between Village, developers, retailers, restaurants, and residents
  • Utilize basic retail anchoring principles to bring flagship retail to ensure the prosperity of Central Business District
  • Focus on zoning to ensure retail space is maximized
  • Bring extensive multi-million dollar contract negotiation experience with multiple stakeholders
  • Focus on town center model and improve branding to reflect our true identity and vision
  • Broaden development focus from luxury apartments to more mixed use spaces to create a downtown experience unique to South Orange and increase tax base
  • Focus on expanding housing for seniors selling their homes so they can remain in the community


Diversity of Thought and Experience

  • Provide an independent viewpoint on Village decisions
  • Ensure straight-forward leadership with transparent objectives, and be accountable for decisions
  • Bridge community needs with common goals of service and well-being
  • Apply unique life and international career experience to encourage more creative, adaptable, and flexible responses to the complex issues of governance
  • Foster inclusion in all decision making processes to ensure our community is well-represented in its diversity 


Transparency in Government

  • Incorporate standard business SMART goal-setting practices (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based, and transparent).
  • Work collaboratively with staff and administrator on goal-setting and completing quarterly progress reports/dashboards
  • Ensure department goals are in line with expenditures
  • Institute quarterly reporting, through the website, so residents can understand what each department is doing, and how their tax dollars are being spent
  • Be transparent and participatory with the community in setting budget priorities
  • Sunset SOEngage surveying tool, in order to utilize more cost-efficient, and data rich collection methods, such as in-person town hall meetings, office hours and utilization of the countless existing online community forums.
  • Require that all agendas be posted at least 2 days before any meeting and all minutes be posted within 60 days after any meeting on the Village website, to ensure the community is informed of all Village government activity


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