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  • Aj Albrecht
    Hi Nureed,

    I am wondering if you are familiar with the situation involving South Orange moving forward with a contract for animal control services with Livingston. In a nut shell, the Livingston animal shelter is not in compliance with New Jersey state law (which President Collum acknowledges) yet we are continuing to send animals picked up in our community to this shelter that should not be licensed. There is a group of animal advocates in our community, myself included, which is advocating for South Orange to terminate this arrangement and instead contract with St. Hubert’s, a premiere animal shelter in North Jersey where Maplewood sends its animals. Could you please advise as to your position on this issue, and what steps you would take to ensure South Orange community’s values are reflected in the way we care for our needy animals?

    Thank you,

    A.J. Albrecht, Esq.
  • Kelly Quirk